FIRN is a Department of Justice accredited provider of immigration legal services. FIRN has been DOJ accredited since 2000 and has years of experience providing immigration services to the community.
FIRN offers a wide range of immigration services for those with limited resources. FIRN provides immigration services at either a modest fee or pro bono. 

The types of cases FIRN currently handles include:


  • Naturalization & Citizenship Applications

  • Permanent Residence Applications 

  • Family Based Petitions & Consular Processing

  • VAWA based applications

  • U & T Visas

  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status 

  • Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (LRIF)

  • DACA 

  • Work authorization applications

  • Consultations regarding eligibility & guidance on immigration laws and regulations

  • Non-detained deportation defense

  • Detained deportation defense 

  • Federal Appeals


FIRN provides information and referral services to our foreign-born neighbors in the following areas:


  • Referrals to local human and social service providers

  • Registering children for Head Start

  • Information on enrollment for school and other educational programs

  • Completion of applications, forms, etc.


  • Referrals to discount programs, government, health, dental care, and mental health services

  • Assistance applying for discounts or payment plans for medical bills;

  • Referrals for prescription drug programs, and sexual assault and domestic violence centers

  • Referrals for crisis counseling and preventative health counseling 

  • Health materials in other languages

Language Connections serves to bridge the language gap by connecting organizations serving immigrants and refugees with professionally trained interpreters. For over 35 years, FIRN has been offering these languages to organizations such as health and human service agencies serving immigrants.


Our interpreters, being immigrants themselves, are culturally sensitive, caring, trained, and professional toward their clients. They are efficient in helping their clients communicate with anyone they need (social workers, doctors, lawyers, immigration officers) to ensure their access to critical services.


  • Interpreting: Interpreter meets with clients regarding situations where communication is essential (Health services, social services, employment, etc.) Our interpreters offer support to the immigrant community both in-person or through technology. Each client is ensured someone who can bridge the language gap and is a caring individual focused on them and their community.

  • Translation:

    • Human translations by native language speakers

    • Translation of documents (legal, certificate for immigration, school documents, webpages, etc.).

  • Other:

    • Proofreading translated documents

    • Voice recording transcriptions

    • Notarized translations

Language Connections

Please CONTACT US AT 410-992-1923 to learn more or make an appointment