• Susan Otradovec

Hero's Corner: Dr. James Harris, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

Updated: Feb 2

In January, a client working with an immigration lawyer on getting her green card required urgent surgery. Fearing that receiving any public assistance for the surgery would affect her immigration case, FIRN’s Social Worker Kristin Lilly advised her to apply for financial assistance. Typically, applying for and being granted financial assistance for surgeries can be a lengthy process. In this instance, however, with critical coordination by Dr. Harris’ office in the form of a letter from Dr. Harris and supporting documents, as well as a determined client (driving into Baltimore to the financial assistance office for Johns Hopkins Medicine), the financial assistance was granted and the surgery performed. According to Ms. Lilly:

Most of the time, when patients cannot pay and are uninsured, they just don't get the treatment they need. I don't think this would have worked out if Dr. Harris's office had not advocated for the patient and it really paid off.

In addition to our gratitude going out to Dr. Harris, FIRN would also like to recognize the other members of his team who made this happen, especially Jenn Kernats.

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